"Laura Freeman's Luna Tart Died of a Broken Heart is a simultaneous composition of magnificence and desperation"

— Austin Chronicle
"A beautiful jazz voice and a perfect sense of timing to balance comedy and poignancy"

— Austin 360.com
"Her singing is ASTOUNDING. But there are plenty of gorgeous voices in this town. What sets Laura and her show apart is a wild imagination and an ability to get the audience inside her head"

— Austinist
"Luna doesn't just ape the cabaret kittens of old, she remolds them into a beautiful (and frequently hilarious) homage. Ms. Tart is everything we'd expect to find in a good (and sleazy) cabaret… If cosmos has any justice there's another reality where Luna Tart really lived and these songs are American standards"

— www.sepiachord.com
"Sally Bowles and Lotte Lenya's long-lost love child."

— Austin Chronicle
"Freeman's performance is nothing less than jaw-dropping perfect timing, keen humor and seemingly infinite vocal inflections to reflect her character's myriad mood swings and personality disorders"

— Dirty Linen
"She pens charming cabaret-jazz songs and warps them in a delightful vintage sleeve."

— www.lunakafe.com
"Laura Freeman is channeling the ghost of our imagination on Luna Tart Died, this is the music hall of the 20's and 30's as it exists in our collective mind's eye."

— Sepiachord.com
"Laura Freeman's album Luna Tart Died is "a stunning theatrical manifesto chronicling the life of Luna Tart."

—Dirty Linen