Luna Tart

One woman, One ukulele, One long spiral of despair and loneliness

Chanteuse, songwriter, ukelele and baritone player, artiste extraordinaire, lush, dissolution personified, and proof that sex and talent have no sell-by date, Luna Tart is all these things. And she is available at very reasonable rates. Luna, creation of Austin based musician, actor and puppeteer Laura Freeman, performs at private parties, emcees Drag King shows, serenades cute nurses in hospitals on Christmas day and in general makes a nuisance of herself. Her melancholy ballads and love songs will have any audience in tears, but Luna can always sob loudest.

Watch as she makes wreckage of a perfectly pleasant evening, lurches like an out of control circus and takes aim at a lover who has spurned her affections. If you love drag queens and cocktails, you will fall in love with Luna Tart. She won't love you back but you won't care.

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